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Culture and History

Cowlitz County Historical Museum

The Cowlitz County Historical Museum was founded in 1949 and features both permanent and traveling exhibits that focus on local and Pacific Northwest history and culture.

Tel: 360.577.3119

Lelooska Cultural Center

The museum at the Lelooska Cultural Center features Native American artifacts from many regions, along with the works of renowned wood sculptor Chief Lelooska. Experience magnificent Northwest Coast masks as they come to life in the glimmering firelight of Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) ceremonial house.

Tel: 360.225.9522

Seven Wonders Creation Museum

The 7 Wonders Creation Museum near Mt. St. Helens is the only museum in the area discussing the geological features formed by the eruptions of the 1980s. Canyons and rock layers at MSH are similar to those in other places, such as the Grand Canyon, that have been assumed by evolutionary scientists to have taken millions of years to form.

At MSH similar features only took hours, days, months or a few yrs. The catastrophic view of earth history that takes into account what Noah’s Flood would have done to change the earth is presented. The museum is a private, non-profit facility with a Board of Directors and is supported by book sales and donations. Admission is free. You may visit during the tourist season, when they are generally open Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm, and Sundays, 12-6pm. Just drop by when visiting Mt. St. Helens or schedule a group tour or guided hike within the Monument by calling (360-274-5737). Each group tour includes a power point presentation by Lloyd who also travels with his slide show. It is best to call before coming because occasionally they take a day off.

"Geologist Dr. Steven A. Austin of Institute for Creation Research is pictured here with an audience who came to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 7 Wonders Museum in fall of 2008. Austin is the main researcher of the geology of Mount St. Helens" - 7 Wonders museum.

Tel:  360.274.5737

Woodland Historical Museum

417 Park Street - Woodland, WA 98674

Tel:  360.225.9888

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