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A Thriving Community

Longview’s roots can be traced back to Kansas City, Missouri, home of city founder R. A. Long, president of the Long-Bell Timber Company. Long and other company leaders committed to building a large lumber mill along the Columbia River. Because Southwest Washington did not have a ready workforce, Long decided to build a city to accommodate the estimated 14,000 workers it would take to operate the mill.

Longview was dedicated in July 1923. In February 1924, it was incorporated and a municipal government was established. Designed as a hub for business and travel routes, the town’s Civic Center features R. A. Long Park, Longview Public Library, the Monticello Hotel, and the post office and city hall

Today, Longview is a thriving community of 35,000, growing in both size and diversity. The city has a strong economic base and a wide array of recreational, educational, and cultural offerings. Highlights include Lower Columbia College, the Columbia Theatre, Rose Center for the Arts, and a vibrant, historic downtown.

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